Average cost of trip to Simila (Romania)

Accommodation, food, transport and entertainment costs in Simila (Romania)

Updated April 22, 2020

How much money are you going to need for your trip to Simila (Romania)? You should plan to spend around 536.25 RON ($113.96) per day on your trip to Simila (Romania) for one person and 696.05 RON ($147.92) for two when traveling. This budget includes accommodation costs for 2 adults in a good 4-star hotel (376.45 RON $80.00), lunch in a local restaurant, street food and drinks for a day (131.38 RON $27.92) and some entertainment (188.22 RON $40.00) for two. Find more about Simila (Romania) travel budget in 2020 below.

How much will a one-week trip to Simila (Romania) cost? The average one-week vacaction cost to Simila (Romania) is around 5,690.48 RON ($1,209.30) for one person and around 8,218.80 RON ($1,746.60) for a couple including flights. November is the cheapest month to go to Simila (Romania).


One Week for Two 5,081.22 RON ≈ $1,079.82
Two Weeks for Two 8,092.60 RON ≈ $1,719.78


One Week for Two 8,218.80 RON ≈ $1,746.60
Two Weeks for Two 12,659.95 RON ≈ $2,690.40


One Week for Two 11,980.65 RON ≈ $2,546.04
Two Weeks for Two 19,184.74 RON ≈ $4,077.00
Simila Travel Budget

Simila (Romania)

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💰 Is it expensive to visit Simila (Romania)?

A lot of people want to visit Simila (Romania) and wonder what the budget would be like. Like with any vacation, the cost depends on where you’re flying from, what kind of accommodations you’re looking for and what you want to see or how you want to spend time. We're colleting all these travel costs from other travellers just like you, so you can make a better estimate of the budget for a trip that matches your own preferences.

✈ Cost of flights to Simila from

How much does it cost to fly to Simila? High season for flights to Simila (Romania) spans from July to August — prepare to pay $374.00 and more for your return flight to Simila (Romania). The period from January to June is considered the low season and the average fares for flights are generally cheaper: you can usually get a return flight for about $190.00 on average. And if you're lucky, you can even find a better deal!

🛏 Average prices for accommodation in Simila

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🍲 Average prices for food and eating out in Simila

How much does food in Simila cost? The average cost of food and drinks in Simila is 0.00 RON ($0.00) per day for one person. Lunch in a mid-range cafe or restaurant would cost you something between the two.

How much do drinks cost?

Average prices for meals and drinks in Simila
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Supermarket Drinks
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🌯 Street Food
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🏛 Average prices for entertainment in Simila

What are the prices for entertainment and activities in Simila?

Average prices for entertainemnt and activities in Simila
Type Average Price
🏰 Group Tour
🏛 Museum
🤹 Show or Theatre
🕺 Night Club
🏄 Experience
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🚌 Average prices for transport and car rentals in Simila

Average prices for transport and car rentals in Simila
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Public Transport
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Simila 1209.3 207 560 97.8 140 37.5 167.1