Average cost of trip to Iran

Accommodation, food, transport and entertainment costs in Iran

Updated Feb. 3, 2021

How much money are you going to need for your trip to Iran? You should plan to spend around ریال4,900,180.98 ($116.38) per day on your trip to Iran for one person and ریال6,431,961.22 ($152.76) for two when traveling. This budget includes accommodation costs for 2 adults in a good 4-star hotel (ریال3,368,400.74 $80.00), lunch in a local restaurant, street food and drinks for a day (ریال1,653,884.77 $39.28) and some entertainment (ریال1,409,675.71 $33.48) for two. Find more about Iran travel budget in 2020 below.

How much will a one-week trip to Iran cost? The average one-week vacaction cost to Iran is around ریال42,738,226.54 ($1,015.04) for one person and around ریال57,182,206.83 ($1,358.09) for a couple including flights. March is the cheapest month to go to Iran.


One Week for Two ریال36,529,664.82 ≈ $867.58
Two Weeks for Two ریال63,991,011.25 ≈ $1,519.80


One Week for Two ریال57,182,206.83 ≈ $1,358.09
Two Weeks for Two ریال98,447,709.62 ≈ $2,338.15


One Week for Two ریال84,299,226.50 ≈ $2,002.12
Two Weeks for Two ریال147,671,564.43 ≈ $3,507.22
Iran Travel Budget


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Exchange Rate 100﷼ $
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💰 Is it expensive to visit Iran?

A lot of people want to visit Iran and wonder what the budget would be like. Like with any vacation, the cost depends on where you’re flying from, what kind of accommodations you’re looking for and what you want to see or how you want to spend time. We're colleting all these travel costs from other travellers just like you, so you can make a better estimate of the budget for a trip that matches your own preferences.

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🛏 Average prices for accommodation in Iran

How much do hotels charge per night in Iran? High season in Iran runs from April to October. One night in a mid-range hotel during these months costs around $27.00. Low season spans from January to March. You can get a room for a night for as low as $15.00. Some nice bargains are usually also available, especially at the higher end resorts.

AirBnB. Double rooms in AirBnB cost around $26.36 per night, but prices can go up to 2% higher during high season.

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Latest inputs for accommodation prices in Iran
Added Type of Accomodation Month of Stay Price Per Night, $
Feb. 3, 2021 AirBnB February $23.75
Jan. 29, 2021 AirBnB January $22.92
Jan. 24, 2021 AirBnB January $25.67
Jan. 19, 2021 AirBnB January $25.42
Jan. 14, 2021 AirBnB January $23.75
Jan. 4, 2021 AirBnB January $24.67
Dec. 30, 2020 AirBnB December $33.33
Dec. 24, 2020 AirBnB December $25.08
Dec. 11, 2020 AirBnB December $24.58
Dec. 6, 2020 AirBnB December $25.08

🍲 Average prices for food and eating out in Iran

How much does food in Iran cost? The average cost of food and drinks in Iran is ریال0.00 ($0.00) per day for one person. An average street food meal in Iran would cost you around ریال320,840.17 ($7.62). A sit-in dinner for two people would cost around ریال455,997.25 ($10.83). Lunch in a mid-range cafe or restaurant would cost you something between the two.

How much do drinks cost? A bottle of water in Iran is around ریال13,473.60 ($0.32). A soft drink is around ریال36,631.36 ($0.87) when you buy it in a supermarket. A beer would cost you around ریال48,841.81 ($1.16) when you buy it in a bar.

Average prices for meals and drinks in Iran
Type Average Price Add Your Input!
Supermarket Drinks
🥤 Soft Drink ریال36,631.36 ≈$0.87
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🍺 Beer
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💧 Bottle of Water ریال13,473.60 ≈$0.32
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Bar Drinks
🥤 Soft Drink
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🍺 Beer ریال48,841.81 ≈$1.16
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🍹 Alcoholic Cocktail
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🍽 Dinner for Two ریال455,997.25 ≈$10.83
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🌯 Street Food ریال320,840.17 ≈$7.62
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🍿 Local Snack
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Latest inputs for food and drinks prices in Iran
Added Type Price, IRR
April 23, 2020 🥤 Soft Drink ریال36,631.36 $0.87
April 23, 2020 🍺 Beer ریال54,736.51 $1.30
April 23, 2020 🍽 Dinner for Two ریال319,577.02 $7.59
April 23, 2020 🌯 Street Food ریال319,577.02 $7.59
April 23, 2020 🍽 Dinner for Two ریال199,998.79 $4.75
April 23, 2020 🍽 Dinner for Two ریال842,100.19 $20.00
April 23, 2020 🍺 Beer ریال42,105.01 $1.00
April 23, 2020 🥤 Soft Drink ریال21,894.60 $0.52
April 23, 2020 💧 Bottle of Water ریال13,052.55 $0.31
April 20, 2020 🥤 Soft Drink ریال36,631.36 $0.87

🏛 Average prices for entertainment in Iran

What are the prices for entertainment and activities in Iran?

Average prices for entertainemnt and activities in Iran
Type Average Price
🏰 Group Tour
🏛 Museum
🤹 Show or Theatre ریال150,735.93 ≈$3.58
🕺 Night Club
🏄 Experience
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Latest inputs for entertainment and activities prices in Iran
Added Type of Entertainment of Activity Price, IRR
April 23, 2020 🤹 Show or Theatre ریال149,893.83 $3.56

🚌 Average prices for transport and car rentals in Iran

How much does airport transfer cost in Iran? The average cost of a 20-minute taxi ride is approximately ریال16,420.95 ($0.39).

Average prices for transport and car rentals in Iran
Type Average Price Add Your Input!
🚍 Airport Transfer
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🚖 Taxi ریال16,420.95 ≈$0.39
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Public Transport
🚉 Public Transport ریال10,105.20 ≈$0.24
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Transport Rentals
🚉 Regular Car Rental, per day
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🏍 Motorbike Rental, per day
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Latest inputs for transportation prices in Iran
Added Type of Transport Price, IRR
April 23, 2020 🚖 Taxi ریال15,157.80 $0.36
April 23, 2020 🚉 Public Transport ریال10,105.20 $0.24

☀ Weather in Iran

The hottest season in Iran runs from June to October. The average temperature is around 31 °C. The rainy season is from November to January with average rainfall of 104mm.

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Destination in Iran Total Flight Accomodation Eating Out Entertainment Transport Pocket Cash
Iran 1015.0 0 560 137.5 117.2 31.2 169.2

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